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Habana Hip-Hop Volume 2

Just arrived today a double vinyl Long Play produced by Pablo D. Herrera Veitia and mastered for me in the Lab Mastering Room. Is a compilation  of excellent Hip Hop songs recorded in Cuba.Proud and honored to have mastered. This work is part of the  Afro-Latin American Research Institute at the Hutchins Center. Harvard University. 

Thanks Pablo for this opportunity.


Fifty Eight Houndred

Fifty Eight Hundred is a Miami-based rock band and follow-up project to the band WYK. The project began in January 2015 when bassist, Yannick Waingarten, and drummer Nic

In the short time that the band has been together, they have taken their high energy shows to the stages of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Sion Music Festival, Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, The Fillmore, Sloppy Joe’s, the Green Parrot, Indiana University, and Florida State University to name a few… The band’s debut album is set to be released in late-Spring 2018 after several months in the making. The band has aspirations of touring the world, playing music and hopefully making a name for themselves in the music industry to show everybody that Rock ’N’ Roll isn’t dead after all.


Rio A Luna - Jose

With more than 15 years in the music scene and working with the biggest artists in the world Mario Sebastian Guini and Jackie Mendez joined forces a few months back to share their unique passion for music…

The duo share very similar musical interests and have been writing songs since they hit it off creatively back in 2014. His rock/folk guitar and vocals blend effortlessly with her soulful, raspy and and sultry voice. Their album is due to drop this Fall.

This amazing bi-lingual rock duet known as RioALuna is based out of Miami and New York!


Nico Rebel - Rebel Kultcha

Growing up in the sound system culture, Nicko Rebel gained a love for music at an early age. He learned the importance of music distribution through his popular mixtapes, and became intrigued with the creative aspects of music. 

Without any formal training or music lessons, other than his high school steel band, Nicko began composing music with his innate talents, musical mind, and razor sharp ears. He established the Nicko Rebel Music label in 2008 building his own private recording facility, Rebel Kultcha Studios.

Nicko has since amassed an impressive catalogue with music productions for the likes of Sizzla Kalonji, Pressure Buss Pipe, Macka Diamond, and Ataklan, just to name a few. They are a testament to Nicko’s diverse style and commitment to quality. He has also produced records for legends Nadine Sutherland, Burro Banton, and the late great John Holt.

His first compilation, She’s My Heart Riddim, has charted in the US, UK and Czech Republic amongst many other countries worldwide. He also received the coveted ‘co-sign’ from the legendary David Rodigan live on BBC 1xtra.


Viziter - Pork Rinds

No gimmicks necessary for artist, producer and engineer Viziter. At age 5 Viziter began performing on stages, singing for local talent shows in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fl. At 14 he took on the world of hip-hop on the Internet battling scene. Passionate about making records Viziter saved money from his part time jobs to build a studio. With no one supporting his dream he learned to make beats and engineer himself. Now 14 years, 2 mixtapes and soon to be released album on the way Viziter is ready to take on the industry and hear his known mentioned among the best.


Jon Eduardo - 10 Cuentos

Jon Eduardo grew up in Puerto Rico, with his Hispanic mother and North American father.  He's now based in Miami. jon eduardo is a former athlete and entreprenuer; always the poet/composer.

jon was first inspired to write music with a focus on social injustice after hearing about Mexico's Missing 43. jon needed to express his thoughts and feelings about human rights violations in today's world and the Latin American community through music.